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The Project

In preparation to create a new website, sustainable building solutions company Ecovert needed a branding guide to help direct how the next chapter of their business would look. This included development of a logo, a colour palette, and typography they could implement consistently across all communications. After a discovery meeting where I learned about their company vision, their typical demographics, and what they wanted their brand to communicate to potential clients, we jumped right into conceptualization.

Logo Process

I developed some initial concepts around the idea of greenery or plants incorporated into industrial shapes, to communicate their expertise in zero-carbon construction services.

After our first feedback meeting, none of these ideas jived with them -- they didn't want to be unrecognizable to their present clientbase who anticipate a horizontal, unembellished logo from them. I went back to the drawing board, and began to think about how to reimagine their present visual identity.


For this round of designs, I approached it with the intention of creating two options: a wordmark-based logo, with altered letterforms or a representative icon incorporated, and one that had a logomark positioned to the left, more in-line with Ecovert's existing branding at that time.

I explored a variety of typefaces, experimented with how to communicate the brand vision, and returned with a variety of options for the stakeholders to choose from. Their final logo was selected from this batch.

Further Assets

In addition to social media assets to accompany their rebranding rollout, Ecovert also recieved several versions of slidedecks to use while presenting building solutions and reports to their stakeholders