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The Project

After being onboarded, I took on the duty of conceptualizing and maintaining Flow Office Wisdom's social media accounts on Facebook and Instagram, with plans to move into Linkedin. The accounts had lots of content already but hadn't had consistent posting schedules, or narratives to create a thread throughout the content. The first thing to address was the conceptualization of clear goals to attain and messaging to communicate, to be reconsidered from month to month, and assessed using analytics.

Social Media Messaging

At the start of each month, we would identify which of our service areas we want to highlight, taking into consideration the most common situations being encountered by our clientele in those industries, as well as any current offerings that would benefit our followers.

For November 2021, we focused on our executive administration department, and given the time of year and our large amount of not-for-profit clients, it was the perfect opportunity to focus on Year End Appeals.

We opened the month with a post highlighting a free offering, our Year End Appeal Timeline template, and made our goal to accomplish some newsletter signups as visitors access our offering to start our funnel. It outlined the timeframes in which not-for-profit organizations need to get things done, tips and tricks for having the biggest impact on your donors, and checklists for making sure you're moving through the steps. To build on our Year End Appeals theme, we also made posts addressing whether Giving Tuesday would suit an organizations individual needs more, and how to go about initiating those communications.

We have consistent follower growth, interaction and newsletter signups from month to month.

Brand-Aligned Copy

Flow Office Wisdom has a defined branding guide, including brand language and how to talk about things to inform how clients would feel about working with us.

Our brand language is intended to convey expertise, depth and authenticity, while also communicating that we're celebrative, joyful and talk about things conversationally. It's an interesting intersection to exist at. Regardless of who wrote the copy (me or a coworker), what the copy pertains to or the context it exists in, our language is consistent in tone and content across all channels. Our social media is intended to be informative, never negative, and always rooted in a place of wanting to share our collective wisdom with our followers.

Email Communications

We send a monthly newsletter featuring recent blog posts, highlighting products and services we're offerring, and creating opportunities to relate personally to the recipients of our communications. They also align with our social media marketing schedule and reinforce the concepts we present there.

The open rate of our newsletters have increased 10% over the last year.