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The Project

In addition to all the UI/UX for the Kinfly app (which you can see here), I was also responsible for the creation of the startup's visual brand. This included the logo, consisting of a word and brand mark, the colour scheme, and later on, multimedia advertising materials.

Brand Mark Process

After a quick brainstorm, we figured out right away that we wanted the logo to be a flying paper bag, to represent speedy delivery. I began the process of drawing lots of paper bags, experimenting with levels of realism, negative space, and colour schemes to narrow down what we wanted.

Eventually, we settled on a stylized rendering of the bag, with some negative space details carved out for feathers. We figured this version could scale up or down easily as well.

Word Mark Process

There was very little debate about the typeface we would use; Righteous was the one! There were still some adjustments and decisions to be made regarding the word mark, however. Kerning was needed, we had to decide how the brand mark would be presented with it, and I also wanted to adjust the shape of the typeface's lowercase l for legibility.

Advertising Materials

Before launch, we were trying to onboard as many users as possible, which involved the creation of flyers and business cards, and the generation of appropriately-sized images for our social media accounts.

Business Cards

Getting business cards are an important part of starting any new business! We went for a simple and clean design with a coupon code on the back.


We made up flyers and doorhangers advertising the service, which also contained a coupon code for first-time users.

Social Ads

We had to create some ads for our social media accounts, which included Facebook and Instagram. These platforms have different size requirements for posted ads, so I had to create a variety of each so they could be posted everywhere.