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The Project

Wastefinder was a project developed by STIL Solutions, a company focused on inclusive sustainability. Wastefinder was a system that would help visually impaired individuals be able to participate in recycling programs by creating hands-free indicators for different recycling streams. A visually impaired person would normally have to touch a waste disposal bin, which no person really wants to do, to determine what goes where; with Wastefinder, the user would just have to be standing in the vicinity of a waste disposal bin and indicators underfoot would direct them appropriately.

Logo Development

The founder wanted the logo to include the symbols and colours from Wastefinder's indicators, to maintain a sense of unity. The first decision was to nail down the exact colours, as well as the nature of the icons that would be within the symbols.

Logo Refinement

After hammering out colours and shapes, I moved on to experimenting with typfaces, sizing, spacing and straplines.

Strapline Refinement

The founder preferred the strapline to be present in the final version, so I did more iterations including it, to explore typeface combos, sizing and spacing.